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New business 'jumps' into South Brunswick
JerZjump offers inflatables, arcade games for children of all ages

Anew business in South Brunswick has local residents literally jumping for joy. JerZjump is a family entertainment center for all ages that features a variety of activities, including large inflatables, in a safe and clean environment.

Above: Samantha Jenkins (l), an after-school care teacher at Brunswick Acres, and Daniel Kenny race each other in the obstacle course bounce ride at JerZjump in South Brunswick. Left: Amanda Hobbs, 7, of South Brunswick, jumps inside a Moon Bounce.

The 17,500-square-foot facility located on Stouts Lane has 11 inflatables, 45 arcade games, birthday party specials, a toddler room, a climber, strategically placed televisions for adults, and a snack bar lounge area.

Co-owners Steve Eisenman and Gregg Rogers put the facility together after nearly two years of semiserious discussions. This past February the idea became real, and the center opened nine months later on Nov. 5.

Rogers, a Manalapan resident, said the idea emerged as a reflection of their personal needs.

"As parents, we wanted a clean, fun place we could go, not just for parties but also for open play. We took our experiences [at other places] and built [this facility] to everything we wanted and took out everything we didn't like, because we were the ideal customers," he said. "There's nowhere in New Jersey where you can go on a Saturday and Sunday and play on inflatables."

Between the two owners' families, they have children who range in age from 1 to 7 years old.

"We wanted a place where we could take all our children at the same time, but it didn't exist, at least around here," Rogers said. "We searched all of New Jersey to find the right location, and we chose South Brunswick because of its proximity to Princeton and New Brunswick and because there is a need for it here."

Although the owners used a professional architect in designing the facility, they picked out the inflatables, games and decorations themselves.

"We designed it based upon our own feelings, from the floor design to the walls," Rogers said. "It became much bigger and better than we thought it would be."

There are 11 giant inflatables in-house and one that can be taken on the road for promotional events. Of the 11, there are eight that can be used for parties and private functions. The inflatables can be used for organized games and activities, relay races or just plain old jumping.

Among the inflatables is a 60-foot-long obstacle course, an inflatable that can be simultaneously used as a dodge ball arena, and "The Big Wall," which is an 18-foottall inflatable that includes crawling through a tunnel and up a practically vertical ramp before shooting down a slide.

"It's the biggest slide I've ever been on," 7-year-old Amanda Hobbs of South Brunswick said. "And the staff races you and times it."

Safety does not pose a problem at jerZjump, because there is an attendant at every ride, 16 surveillance cameras, and the rides are inspected to ensure safety.

"[The staff] is just friendly and welcoming. I feel like my kids are having a play date at my house. It's a safe atmosphere," said Liliana Hobbs, South Brunswick resident and mother of a 6-year-old and a 7-year-old.

The building is also kept up to the highest cleaning standards with hand sanitizers located throughout the facility, and machines that clean and sanitize the inflatables each night.

"It's clean, and there's a lot to do. We've been here for a while now, and it doesn't look like they want to leave," said Samantha Markakis, a South Brunswick resident and mother of a 5-year-old. "It's very kid-friendly."

In addition to the inflatables, there is a soft play climber that can hold up to 35 kids at any given time and is equipped with nets, tubes and slides that fit together like a maze.

There are also 45 arcade games that administer tickets for prizes, and a soft play area where toddlers can roam free.

"It's just fun right from when you walk in the door," Rogers said. "It is designed so the kids do not get bored. A 3-year-old will have as much fun as a 12-year-old, from crawling to jumping."

There is also a snack bar that includes hotdogs, chicken nuggets, pretzels and homemade popcorn.

"So the kids have fun, get tired, have a snack, and then go back out," Rogers said.

The entertainment center is also fully equipped for birthday parties.

"We wanted a place that would do the best birthday parties and that would custom them to what our customers want," Rogers said.

The eight inflatables to be used for parties and private functions are held in two rooms. The first 35 minutes of the party is held in one room, the second 35 minutes is held in the second room, and the last 40 minutes is held in a party room for pizza and cake. The party room is equipped with an inflatable throne for the birthday boy or girl. The parties are completely private, with two staff members dedicated to each party, and only one party at a time is held on the inflatables.

"Everything is a private party. They switch rooms, so it changes it up and keeps it flowing," Rogers said.

Eisenman owns Party Fair in East Windsor, Mercer County, which gives party planners the option to theme their party.

"It's a natural fit because we have the ability to theme any party," Rogers said.

But not only was the facility designed with kids in mind, it also has several amenities that target adults.

There are several TVs that are strategically placed around the facility, most featuring the latest game on ESPN. There is also plenty of sitting room around the facility, including benches near the play space and tables and chairs in the snack bar lounge area. There is also free Wi-Fi.

The center will also be starting a Boot Camp for Women exercise program once a week so mothers can work out while their children play.

Hobbs said she thinks the facility is a wonderful addition to the community.

"It's the first time there's something like this in South Brunswick," she said. "In the winter it's an indoor playground."

Hobbs also commended Rogers and Eisenman on a job well done.

"The owners are amazing, and the staff likes to play with the kids. I can't say enough good things about this place," she said. "The owners are really sweet, asking what they can do to improve."

The facility has a "play all day and only pay one price" motto, according to Rogers. Toddlers cost $5 and open jump costs $9.

"One of our things is flexibility; we can adapt to anything," Rogers said, including school closings. Therefore it is important to check the website for updates on hours and openings at http://jerzjump.com/.

"We want to be the destination within a 30-minute drive that's fun, safe and clean, and targets everyone," Rogers said. "Just come in and play." PHOTOS BY JEFF GRANIT staff

SOUTH BRUNSWICK: Fun, games and family
Indoor recreation complex designed for children and families
By Davy James, Staff Writer
Posted: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ellie Eisenman enjoys one of the rides at jerZjump, located on Stouts Lane in South Brunswick.

Staff photo by John Keating

Walking through the doors of jerZjump can offer a glimpse into a toddler's vision of nirvana, with vibrant colors that burst from the walls and floors and huge inflatable rides that extend all the way to the ceiling.

Located on Stout's Lane at the former site of Grand Slam, the family entertainment center was conceived to offer families the total party experience, or just as an inexpensive way for parents to entertain their children any day of the week, according to co-owners Steven Eisenman and Gregg Rogers.

"This was designed around parents because nobody offered anything for the entire family like this before," Mr. Rogers said. "We cater to parents as well as kids. We have kids ourselves and there was nowhere we could go as a family like this. So we built it."

Located throughout the building are flatscreen televisions hanging from the ceiling displaying whatever sporting event happens to be on at the time, to satisfy the sports fanatics who walk through the doors. There is also an area for young toddlers filled with games a flatscreen television with cartoons.

The two Manalapan residents merged their various backgrounds, Mr. Rogers with a construction background as owner of Garden Irrigation, and Mr. Eisenman as owner of the Party Fair in East Windsor, to bring together an idea the two kicked around for quite some time.

"We used to joke about this idea and started toying with things until we got serious," Mr. Eisenman said. "This location came along and it was ideal, in a small town but right between Princeton and New Brunswick. It had to be big, had to be clean and it had to offer different things."
Mr. Eisenman said that jerZjump's size allows them to still keep their free jump room and arcade room open every day, even while they throw a party. The numerous options for kids are what the owners hope will keep their customers coming back even when they don't have a party to attend.

"We offer the option to come whenever you want," Mr. Eisenman said. "This place keeps you active. There's no sitting around. Our kids have been here hundreds of times and they're still not sick of it."

Following an extensive renovation that included replacing the bathrooms and basically gutting the entire 17,500-square-foot space, the owners said their willingness to meet whatever need their customers may have is what sets them apart.
"There's just so much flexibility here," Mr. Rogers said. "When one of our customers has a suggestion we're able to implement it right then and there. We're still new at this so we're trying to learn how we can help the community more."

While they are open each day for walkup customers, the specialty of the business is parties. Mr. Eisenman said they take care of every aspect, from invitations, party themes and cake down to loading the car with presents at party's end.

"We do everything so you're a guest at your own party," Mr. Eisenman said. "The parents don't need to worry about greeting people or where kids are going. We have two hosts for each party and 16 security cameras throughout so everything is supervised and they can relax and have fun."

When the party is over, jerZjump offers the option to stay and keep playing on their rides for a discounted price.

One of the most important aspects of the new business is their focus on cleanliness, according to Mr. Rogers.

"We really pay close attention to cleanliness because you can't be too careful with everything that's going around out there," he said.
The facility is constantly cleaned throughout the day and each surface is disinfected frequently. There are even Purell Hand Sanitizer dispensers located on nearly every wall.

Mr. Eisenman said they hope to be able to turn jerZjump into a franchise and said their appeal to customers on a daily basis is their strong point, which has earned them repeat customers in only their second week of operation.

"We want to make jerZjump a household name," Mr. Eisenman said. "We've already seen some of the same people come back again. They love having a place that's accessible whenever they want to come and located close to so many towns."
For more information on prices and business hours, visit www.jerzjump.com.
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